Alternative Straw Materials

December 15, 2018

Plastic straws may soon go the way of the Dodo bird. Recent research has shown plastic straws causing major pollution in oceans and rivers around the world, and New York City even went so far as to introduce a bill that would ban them all together. For those who like to sip their drinks instead of gulping them straight from the glass, what are the alternatives?

Best Straw Materials Other Than Plastic

Luckily, you do have other options. While plastic straws may be the most popular type, people make straws from many different types of material. You just need to look around a bit to find them. Here are six eco-friendly alternative straw options that are also portable and easy to clean.

1. Paper

Paper straws biodegrade over time, eliminating the issue of waste building up. Poorly made paper straws can disintegrate when you sip, so be sure to look for a high-quality paper with sturdiness. Winding is a method of manufacturing the straws by wrapping, leading to the sturdiest form of paper straw.

2. Bamboo

Made from bamboo stalks, this type of straw is way stronger than paper or plastic. You can use them with hot or cold beverages. To clean them, just slide a pipe cleaner up and down the stem. That’s a trick that will work with other types of straws, too, though it can be challenging to clean bamboo thoroughly. Particles may get stuck in hard-to-reach places in the straw.

3. Metal

Metal makes an excellent alternative to paper straws, too. You can carry metal straws in a purse or store them in the car to pull out when you hit a restaurant or coffee shop. They certainly have greater strength than paper or plastic straws, and they can last for years. You also do not get any chemicals in the straw, as you can with plastic.

4. Glass

Glass straws look nice and offer an easier-to-clean surface than bamboo or metal. However, they can also be quite fragile. You can’t keep a glass straw in your purse because it might break. Leave these straws at home if you decide to buy them.

5. Silicone

Silicone has many advantages. It bends, and you can carry it almost anywhere. These straws are free from BPA and, unlike hard metal, glass or bamboo, they stand no chance of chipping your teeth. But their flexibility can make it difficult to clean them properly.

6. Meat Straws

Meat straws may be the most practical option of all. These are straws made from meat, and you can eat them when you finish drinking from them. Best of all, when you use them in drinks like a Bloody Mary, meat straws mingle with the sweet or fiery taste and create a flavor you will crave. Plus, you never have to clean them. Once you finish eating, you are done and don’t have to carry them around with you, either.

You can try Original or Smokin’ Chipotle meat straws. They’re the most delicious eco-friendly option on this list! Shop our store or contact us today for more information.

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