Best Bloody Mary Garnishes

November 25, 2018

Bloody Marys are one of the most versatile mixed drinks. While just about everyone uses the same basic ingredients, including tomato juice, vodka and horseradish, almost no one uses the same garnishes. Your taste in garnish may depend on where you live, your family traditions, your favorite foods and any allergies or intolerances you have. That means enjoying a Bloody Mary with friends can result in an almost infinite combination of garnishes for you to enjoy.


Best Bloody Mary Garnishes

Here are seven of our choices for the very best Bloody Mary garnishes. Try a few together or work your way through the list individually for a fun new way to enjoy your favorite drink.

  1. Celery: The bite and crunch of this crispy vegetable make celery a classic Bloody Mary garnish. But while it’s simple, it still tastes fantastic.
  2. Olives or Stuffed Olives: The saltiness of an olive makes the perfect pairing with the sweet-hot combination of tomatoes and horseradish in a Bloody Mary. Stuff the olives with feta cheese for an even saltier treat.
  3. Meat Straws: A combination of garnish and practical drinking accessory, the meat straw allows you to combine the heavenly taste of Bloody Mary and spicy pork one bite-sip at a time.
  4. Bacon: Bacon goes well with everything. It goes especially well with Bloody Marys, often consumed at a leisurely brunch on a long weekend. Indulgent and decadent, bacon is a must-have garnish.
  5. Jalapenos & Jalapeno Poppers: Do you want even more spice with your Bloody Mary? Adding a jalapeno or jalapeno popper will set your mouth on fire — but in a good way. You may need to down even more of your drink to soothe your scorched but happy palate.
  6. Shrimp: Anyone who has ever relished a shrimp cocktail knows how well shrimp go with spicy tomato flavor. Be sure to get enough shrimp to fill out the rim of the entire glass.
  7. Cheese Chunks and String Cheese: Just as you would skewer olives on a toothpick, you can stab a few chunks of cheese and have a fantastic complement to your Bloody Mary. A string cheese makes an excellent stirrer.

Bloody Mary Salted Rimmers

Garnishes are only half the equation for an excellent Bloody Mary. You also need the right salted rimmers. Try these five unique flavors.

  1. Kosher Salt: A classic, kosher salt brings out the natural taste of the tomato.
  2. Garlic Salt: No one will expect a rim of garlic salt. This adds warmth and a slightly Italian flavor to your Bloody Mary.
  3. Old Bay Seasoning: Especially tasty with a shrimp garnish, an Old Bay rim will immediately turn your Bloody Mary into a sea-worthy extravagance.
  4. Sea Salt: The delightful texture and natural zing of sea salt sits well with the spiciness of the drink.
  5. Lemon Pepper: Try something a little zestier than usual when you rim your Bloody Mary with lemon pepper. You have to be somewhat adventurous to green light this combo.

Do you want to try a Bloody Mary meat straw garnish for your next get together? Choose between the Original and Smokin’ Chipotle flavors to make the night truly memorable.

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