3 Creative Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

May 6, 2019

Every year, you buy the dad in your life the same old gift — a tie. Sure, dad always says he likes it, but this Father’s Day, wouldn’t you prefer to get him something he really loves and can enjoy when he’s not going to the office? That inspired us to come up with some creative Father’s Day gift ideas.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

A good Father’s Day present should do more than convey your thanks to a man who has played a huge role in your life. It should also acknowledge his interests outside of parenting. After all, dads have a range of hobbies and interests. When you use one of these creative Father’s Day gifts, you will give dad a good time on this special day and beyond. Here are three can’t-miss presents.

1. Grilling Kit Gift

Dads love to cook outside. Whether it’s hot or cold, they enjoy firing up the grill and tossing on burgers, steaks, chicken — whatever you want cooked, dad can do it. Make his grilling experience extra-special by buying him a grilling gift kit. It should include:

  • Spatula and tongs
  • Meat tenderizer
  • Meat marinade
  • Hickory wood chips

You can also buy an assortment of barbeque sauces to complement the kit. Often you can find branded grill kits for dad’s favorite sports team or the school he attended. Be creative. Add in small touches such as a towel to dry his hands or beer nuts for snacking while he grills.

2. Personalized Golf Balls

Do you have a duffer dad? If your father’s favorite thing to do is hit the links, then gift him with personalized golf balls. You can have them monogrammed with his initials, or you can get branded balls from his favorite sports team. You can even look into ordering personalized balls from one of the country’s great golf courses, such as Pinehurst in North Carolina.

Golf balls can disappear quickly, especially for not-quite-pro-level golfers. You should get him enough to last a few months, so pick up three dozen at minimum. You can add a package of tees and a golf towel to round out the gift package.

3. Bloody Mary Meat Straws

Maybe your dad is the king of cocktail hour. You will definitely want to get him some fun items to help him at the bar. At the top of your list? Meat straws to add to his Bloody Marys. We have two types you can choose from:

Never heard of a meat straw? It’s exactly what it sounds like, a straw made from meat. You can sip a Bloody Mary or another refreshing cocktail right through the meat straw. It makes an excellent addition to a Bloody Mary because it brings just enough spice to the tomato-y drink. You can even order an entire case for dad so he won’t run out of his new favorite happy hour accessory for a while.

Use these gift ideas for Father’s Day, and your dad will smile all day long. Contact us to place your order today.

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