Original Vs. Chipotle Meat Straws

July 8, 2019

When it comes to meat straws, you have a very important choice to make. The good news, though, is that there is no wrong decision.

We make two different types of meat straws — Original and Chipotle. Which one you order depends a lot on your personal tastes. Some people enjoy a spicier meat straw. Others like the saltier, savory type, and some enjoy both, which means they have them both on hand and choose depending on the situation.

These two meat straws both serve the same basic purpose. They are garnishes for Bloody Marys. You can drink your cocktail right through the meat straws if you choose. You can also add two to a drink. Each one has a high protein content and adds a satisfying chewiness to cocktail hour.

But the differences between these two types of meat straws are important if you are trying to decide which to buy for a party or for your bar. We’ve outlined what you can expect from each one of our meat straws, but don’t expect us to choose a favorite. We love them both equally, and you probably will, too.

Original Meat Straw

Benny’s Original Meat Straws began with the Original Meat Straw. It’s made from pork and includes a range of spices to give it a mildly salty, tangy flavor. The ingredients include garlic and hickory smoke powder.

Original Meat Straws work best in a traditional Bloody Mary when the person drinking it has a mild palate. We recommend our Original Meat Straw for restaurants, bars and other places where you serve a lot of people and need to focus on meeting everyone’s tastes.

The Original Meat Straw often makes appearances at cocktail parties, and people even use it as a treat on a hike or long bike ride. It’s a versatile snack that can go from cocktail hour to a backpack. When you want a crowd-pleaser that suits every taste and makes an excellent traditional Bloody Mary, the Original Meat Straw should top your list.

Chipotle Meat Straw

The Chipotle Meat Straw is a twist on our Original version made for those who want more spice in their meat products. The Chipotle Meat Straw builds on the recipe for the Original. It, too, is made from pork, and it has a more extensive spices list, including:

  • Chipotle pepper
  • Red pepper
  • Garlic

When you bite into a Chipotle Meat Straw, you get a taste of the Southwest. It is spicy, with a peppery zing that stays in your mouth after you finish eating. You can turn a Bloody Mary into a different type of drink when you add a Chipotle Meat Straw.

Are you having a Cinco de Mayo party or want your happy hour to be different than others you have attended in the past? Then the Chipotle Meat Straw should be your star ingredient. Make sure people know it packs a flavorful punch, and enjoy the compliments on your new garnish.

The Original and Chipotle Meat Straws both make fantastic additions to a Bloody Mary. Order both today, and decide when to use them for yourself.

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