What Is a Meat Straw?

October 10, 2018

A meat straw is exactly what it sounds like — it’s a straw made out of meat. The better question may be “why a meat straw” rather than “what is a meat straw,” and the answer to that is quite simple, too. Meat straws are delicious.

The meat straw has a short but colorful history, and it will undoubtedly become more popular with the current backlash against plastic straws and all the environmental problems they cause.

The meat straw is the brainchild of Ben Hirko, who thought up the idea while working as a bartender in 2009. While drinking a beer, he happened to snack on a meat stick, and he couldn’t get over the fantastic combination of hoppy and salty. At first, he thought the meat stick would make a flavorful garnish for a drink. But he quickly realized the shape of the stick was actually more like a straw. Hence, the meat straw idea came to be.

Hirko made his first one by hollowing out the center of a meat stick. But eventually, he turned his idea into a company, Benny’s Original Meat Straws. Soon they became a staple across a wide range of states in restaurants where patrons wanted a little more variety with their drinks.

What is a Bloody Mary meat straw? This is the same as a regular meat straw, except you use it with a certain type of drink — the Bloody Mary. In fact, meat straws were made to go with this drink. The sweet taste of the tomato balances with the bite of the horseradish. The saltiness of the meat straw brings all those flavors together and even enhances the mingling flavors. The Bloody Mary meat straw will never disappoint.

What Is a Meat Straw Made Of?

Meat straws are made of pork and a slew of spices that give the straw its unique flavor. You will taste paprika, hickory and garlic in our Original flavor meat straws. The Smokin’ Chipotle also contains garlic, but it gets a little bite from the addition of chipotle and red pepper. Your mouth will taste those tangy flavors for long after you finish your last sip through the meat straw.

What Is a Meat Straw Used For?

Many people do use meat straws to sip their drinks. They actually work as straws, and you can chew off pieces of the straw as you go. Meat straws make an excellent garnish for mixed drinks, but you can also use them in other ways. Kids think it’s fun to drink just about anything through them. You can try soda or seltzer water or even juice. It’s sure to be memorable.

You can also try the recipes we list on our website to find other tasty ways to indulge in meat straws. Choose between our Original and Smokin’ Chipotle flavors to find the best combination for your kitchen. We think that once you enjoy one meat straw, you’ll want to try a whole lot more.

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